Maia Talks about Blue Star Love book



One thought on “Maia Talks about Blue Star Love book

  1. Maia did a great job choosing and sharing the spiritual side and qualities of Elvis Presley; he was a kind, gentle and loving man who never met a stranger, or turned down someone in need, even if he only heard about them, he helped them. Who
    respected humanity, shared his wealth until he had to go make more so he could keep giving to others. He loved everyone, regardless of race, position in life or age. He studied Jesus Christ and tried to live his life using the same principals and he did a good job of it. He was close to his mother because he had been a frail, sickly child due to a birth defect making it difficult for his body to assimilate foods, and her diligence in caring for this child, saved his life. She not only gave him life, she made sure he lived and in those days, times were rough on people, many were very poor and his little family of 3 were living in poverty until they moved to Memphis. Elvis mowed lawns with a push mower, to earn money for his shoes when he was only 8 years old, his feet grew so fast he said, and so he didn’t want them to keep having to buy shoes for him… This child was special from birth, he was giving away his meager toys to those who had none, from a very young age. He never stopped giving, sharing and caring for his fellow human beings. Maia’s book gives one a look into the heart, mind and soul of Elvis Presley, who became world known in just 42 years of life…he was the first entertainer to shake up our US youth, and then
    world wide he did the same thing…as one young man said in a school report, “Elvis is God’s spirit man”. Amen to that!

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