Elvis speaks about his family


(1975 or 76)
“She was the best thing that ever happened to me — her and the baby. It’s a hell of thing that one person can be so-so satisfied and then find out it was all a lie. That the other person was unhappy and dieing inside all that time — just putting you on for so long. A hell of a thing. Damn, I was a fool, I guess blind. I really didn’t see it comin’ — even when she told me, I never listened. You know, nine years I knew her but-but-but I guess we never really did know each other — I mean really. . .”


(1973 – asked about his favorite memory)
“I guess my favorite one now is when Lisa was born, when I first held her, you know? She was so-so tiny, precious and beautiful. I know all babies look beautiful to their parents, but she was-was special. I guess because I realized she was my child — mine to care for – and it was a special feeling. I realized it wasn’t just me anymore — or Cilla. It was us and they depended on me. I liked it.”


(after the divorce)
“It’s just that I miss her (Lisa) I miss them both and there is not a hell of a thing I can do about it other than live with it. And it’s killin’ me, just killin’ me inside. Sometimes I think I’d be better off dead and then it wouldn’t hurt anymore. But that’s silly then I sure enough couldn’t be with my baby. . .God, I love her she’s so sweet and you know, the thing that gets me most when I think of it, which is nearly all the time, she’s mine, I mean really mine, you know? Do you understand me? It’s almost incomprehensible, isn’t it? It makes me have chills, Lordy!”



One thought on “Elvis speaks about his family

  1. So sad. I wonder what would have happened had Priscilla stayed with him. Shame there wasn’t anyone to guide them and provide counseling.

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