Take Me To The Fair


There are 486 pages in my book BLUE STAR LOVE, covering many aspects, thoughts, words and incidents in the life of Elvis Presley – much is quotes from him to his friends and family. But there are some other interesting parts as well. I share one with you here…

* * * * * * *

In 1972, Wanda June Hill attended a Psychic Fair. She could not resist taking along a photograph of Elvis, sealed in an envelope. Without giving any hint as to the identity of the individual whose picture was enclosed, she handed an envelope which could not be seen through, to a psychic reader at the fair. The following is part of this gentleman’s reading on the unseen photo:

“This is a male – tall, considered above average in appearance or build – some fashion. He is fun-loving, at present his life is in turmoil. There is a separating factor – someone he cared for is gone from his life – taken away by another – I sense divorce. He is serious, a hard worker and takes things very personally at times when he should not.

“He possibly is a service worker – dealing with the public. I feel he has many followers – perhaps he teaches in some manner – and he is spiritual, gifted in the way he reaches people. He is well-known among many – a writer or communicator. He tries too hard to please. I sense that he needs the approval of women to a great extent, and has often compromised his own needs to attain this approval. It must be that he often feels put upon to return affection he would rather not return in order to have this approval.

“He is lonely and seeking someone – something – no – some person to fill his heart – his life. I sense this man is in deep personal pain – a broken heart perhaps – or dejection at being betrayed by one he trusted implicitly. This man is also facing a change in his life. He will leave this Earth plane early in life and he knows it. The first letter of his name is ‘E’.”



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