Armed and Dangerous!


Elvis loved to play with his audiences. One incident which exemplifies this was his water pistol skirmish with several members of the audience. The fans knew Elvis loved water pistols. As a result, some fans had brought fully loaded squirt guns to the show, and were shooting at each other occasionally in the front rows. Then the moment came when they handed Elvis a water pistol of his own. He couldn’t have been more delighted.

His friend Ed Parker described the scene in his book, ‘Inside Elvis.’ by stating that when Elvis got his water pistol he started playing too by shooting water at J.D Sumner and Charlie Hodge and then the audience! This was when pandemonium pursued and a whole bunch of people began getting into the act with their own water pistols. They were all shooting at Elvis now! By time it was over Elvis was soaked, but he and everyone else were totally delighted! This endeared Elvis to his fans, made him like one of them.

Wanda June Hill also recalled a close encounter with an aquatically armed and dangerous Elvis when she worked in the MGM mail room in the 1960’s. Elvis came in with a water pistol and decided that Wanda made an easy target. As she later wrote about the incident in her book, ‘We Remember, Elvis’:

…he took aim and fired a blast in my face. I stared at him, shocked, and then without thinking who he was, I picked up a paper cup with melting ice from a Coke and tossed it in his direction. It got him, right in the chest, and splattered up his face. The look on that face would have been worth millions on film! He was stunned and speechless. For a few seconds I thought surely he would kill me, as his expression changed from shock to surprise, then anger.

Then he slowly relaxed and his handsome face began to smile. He tossed back his head and laughed. Then, brushing off the ice and slowly raising his water pistol, feet spread apart, hip out, he turned slightly and with the meanest and most deadly look I’ve ever seen he drew aim at my heart and fired his water pistol. Well, it was nearly empty and the stream sort of dribbled at me. That was too much; we fell all over the office laughing. Elvis went off to refill and I went back to work, wet, but totally sure Elvis was something else – just what I hadn’t yet decided.”

quote from BLUE STAR LOVE


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