“The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me”

Presley Family - 2013
Presley Family – 2013

Elvis in 1974 anticipating a visit from his ex-wife, Priscilla:

Wanda: “I hope she’ll come, that you’ll have a wonderful time and if it’s what you want and need, I hope she’ll stay forever.”

Elvis: “That would-would be great. I think I could – could put it all back together then. I’d – I’d have a reason.”

Wanda: “Put it back together? What? Your marriage?”

Elvis: “No, my life, my purpose for being, you know? My existence – I’m not gonna be here much longer if – if I don’t do it soon. I’m fadin’ fast. I know it. I can see the end of the tunnel. I can see the light comin…’”

Wanda: “How – why did you say that?”

Elvis: “It’s true…”

Wanda: “You think your time is about up?”

Elvis: “I got ‘bout maybe three more years or so. I won’t make it to fifty, I know that. This is not a – a joke, or to make you down, just a statement of fact. I don’t think I‘ll live to be much older than forty or so, maybe forty-three, forty-four, but not much more (he died at age forty-two). I can’t, I’m – I’m burnin’ up inside.”

I should have given her more time, tried harder to make her happy. I should have listened, noticed what was happening to her. Instead I was selfish, demanding and unreasonable and expected that little thing to understand and put up with it. Lord, no wonder she left me for the first guy who showed her attention – and that’s what it was, too – attention. Something she wasn’t getting from me, man. It’s a shame – a damn shame!”

Elvis: “She was the best thing to ever happen to me – her and the baby. It’s a hell of a thing that one person can be so – so satisfied and then find out that it was all a lie – that the other person was unhappy and dying inside all that time – just putting you on for so long. A hell of a thing. Damn, I was a fool, I guess blind. I really didn’t see it comin’ – even when she told me, I never listened. You know, nine years I knew her – but – but – but I guess we never really did know each other – I mean, really….”

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