The Birth: Elvis & Jessie

Elvis speaking to Wanda June Hill about his birth . . .

Elvis: “He didn’t, he was born stillbirth – he never breathed – Grandma told me that. He was born blue from lack of oxygen and never changed color, only grew more blue. She said it was as if he was all dried up. He chose not to enter his body. He chose to let it die.”

Wanda: “Then you were born shortly after?”

Elvis: “About thirty minutes or so later1 – and I was so small, so I just came right out with a little help and I couldn’t breath well either, so they took us to the hospital and I grew better on the way. I couldn’t nurse, so they fixed a rubber glove to feed me at first – squeezed milk into me – and I was sick – couldn’t take milk – and then Momma and Grandma and this old black lady who lived nearby, fixed a way for Momma to get out her milk and they fed me with a straw, then got an eyedropper to do it.”

Wanda: “It’s a wonder you made it.”

Elvis: “Yeah – it was meant to be. I had to be here. I had to complete my purpose.”

Wanda: “Do you feel you have?”

Elvis: “No – not at all. I – I -no one listens to me.”

Wanda: “Oh – I do.”

Elvis: “I meant others. Sure you do – I appreciate it, but you’re just one of very few. It should have been more – much more. Maybe next time… (end of tape).”



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