In The Garden

Elvis also really loved the Bible and had given a Bible to Jim Hill (Wanda’ s husband) for his birthday. Found tucked inside it was this poem written by Elvis in 1977. It read as follows…

* * * * * * *

I sit here alone, thinking, watching how the moon’s light glows.

Meditating upon the garden water there below,

I’ve only just begun to spend my life, to have some fun-

But as I think of all I’ve lost, the hurt hangs on; so slow to go.

I’m now full grown and called a man-but really, is that what I am?

My heart’s so young, it feels like new-

To think I’m getting old makes me very blue.

Lord, Just let me laugh and be the clown I am.

Please give me dignity and grace-

So I can have the strength to face…

These final days that seems to race…

Let me have some time to do all I can

So facing death won’t be such a task.

Please Lord, thy will be done, that’s all I ask.

– Elvis Presley 1977



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