A Day in the Life; When the Night is 10 Days Long

Wanda Hill encouraged Elvis to write down his feelings. In 1976 he sent her something he had written that he titled, “A Day in the Life; When the Night is Ten Days Long.” The following is an excerpt from this writing by Elvis – it can be found in it’s entirety within BLUE STAR LOVE. This excerpt is about going on stage…

God, the lights flash like a million fireflies in some giant fruit jar. The noise is a roar, solid. It lifts me out of my fears and I fill with love for them. I feel their love for me, hot, syrupy, flowing over and through me – I love the feeling. Lord, so good, so good. I sing. My life, my heart, my dreams, my hopes – everything in me, everything that I am comes pouring out, answering their love. They understand; they love me and share the night in one fantastic love affair. Inside, my soul soars, light fills me, blinding, brilliant, filling me until I can barely hear myself in the din, but I know this feeling. So good, so pure, so right for me, for them.

Sweat is pouring off me and I’m so tired I tremble as Charlie tells me, “Cut it – cut it now.” I say goodbye, the crowd groans disapproval. I don’t want to leave them, to end this feeling, but I must. It’s too much – I can’t take it so long anymore. I walk before them, trying to thank them, then off stage. A wild rush to the car and to the hotel. I can’t remember leaving the stage, I’m so full of music I hear little else. I want to sing, so they sing along… They put me to bed; I won’t remember tonight tomorrow. Just one more day gone from my life. I sleep – and dream I’m someone else.


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