Elvis on Women

Elvis talking to Wanda Hill about his relationships with women after his divorce . . .

Sometimes though, I find one who really enjoys the topsy-turvy of it all and we get some laughs out of it. That’s when I enjoy their true friendship the most – when we can share the ups as well as the downs and still get along. It happens, it happens… I’ve learned a hard lesson beginning when I was pretty young – 19 or so, and that is nobody is going to wait around for long unless there is some sharing, something between you that bonds emotionally, be it just the fun, sense of humor, or having something in common to share. So I try to give back something that they need, want, in my relationships – it makes it so much better for both of us and I enjoy knowing that they understand I’m not just using their time for amusement. It’s nicer when I take the time to get to know them, to understand where their head is at and build up a sense of caring, of loving that person. That’s what it’s all about really, loving each other.

– excerpted from BLUE STAR LOVE – more on The Book


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