Crying in the Rain



Excerpts from JoAnna’s story in the book BLUE STAR LOVE . . .

Elvis is very special to me. My memories are treasured, as are the cards, letters, poems and gifts he gave me. He was a generous, loving man. Always kind and so very funny. I miss him so much, every day, but I know he is always with me.

Wanda, I so vividly remember those great days in your old home. We had so much fun. Laughing, sharing stories, watching movies and eating vanilla ice cream with some kind a cherry topping (yum yum). The laughter stopped on August 16, 1977. Elvis tried to reach me that morning.

He called my home phone and left a message and called my work and left a message. I was on the freeway, driving to work (no cell phones back then). I never got to talk to him again. I got a call at work and was told the news. I left work. I remember driving, it was August in California, but it was raining. I was crying so hard, so between the rain and my tears, it was hard to drive.

We shared an incredibly close, tender, intimate friendship… I know it’s hard to believe or understand, but I felt blessed just to have him in my life. I did not have dreams of marrying him or living with him. He was my friend. I know he loved me, he told me and showed me often, and I loved him dearly and still do. We had very intimate times and conversations. I believe that because he knew he could trust me, he could be intimate with me, and confide in me.


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