From THE LETTER – circa 1974

I chose this excerpt from a letter written by Elvis around 1974 which was actually type written that he sent to several of his friends, including Wanda Hill. This date today, is remembered as the anniversary date ending the life of this soul as “Elvis Presley.” Recently, the world lost another great soul – Robin Williams. I felt that this particular excerpt from Elvis’ letter was especially appropriate in reminding us how fragile we all are…and yet how strong and eternal we truly are.

Excerpt from the letter Elvis sent to several of his friends . . .

“I hear stories that are heartbreaking and some of them give me the will and strength to go on with my life. I admit to being many times on the verge of leaving by my own hand. And there were times that I felt I could not ever be a whole person again, but through the knowledge and wisdom of those departed who come to me with these words of strength and wisdom I have conquered my weakness.

“I can sing, I can make people happy, I can help with the money I earn from doing that, and I can reach people who are unreachable. All because I happen to be sensitive to the seventh sense… I am grateful and indebted to my Lord every day that I live.

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