Elvis On Stage 2014

I saw Elvis live in Las Vegas in 1970. Words cannot describe it. It wasn’t just his wonderful voice, music, looks…all great to experience to be sure; but the core element was a WAVE of SPIRIT that just flooded out of him in an envelope of LOVE. The wave would be sent out and then the audience would return it…flowing back and forth in a dynamic state of power and bliss. Yet it was not in any way frenetic or off-balance. Oh, there were times when some women went crazy, but these instances were little blimps in the whole Sea of Light.

From my book, BLUE STAR LOVE . . .

In his book ‘Inside Elvis’ close friend Ed Parker shared that Elvis not only had a vivid imagination but also “…was also endowed with a rare gift, the ability to hear sounds individually or collectively in harmony in his head…” Ed goes on to relate how Elvis could just lie there and hear all these musical arrangements in his head then go make improvements on them as he wished in order to make his next performance even better.

Glenn D. Hardin, Elvis’ pianist in the 1970’s spoke of how Elvis always really made things happen for them. Glenn relates how Elvis could completely change an entire show with nothing more than a glance towards his musicians. “You kept your eyes on him or you fell off a fast moving train.” Glenn tells how he had never felt more alive than when he was with Elvis.

Elvis had studied the revelations on music, color and light by Rudolph Steiner, Corinne Heline and other esoteric authors. He quoted Pythagoras, and one of his most treasured books was Manly P. Hall’s ‘The Secret Teachings Of All Ages.’ Mr. Hall, a renowned metaphysician, requested to meet with Elvis, as he considered him a unique spiritual teacher in his own right.

From a taped lecture with Elvis on music he played in 1973 at a jam session in Memphis, Tennessee:

“Music is the universal language, appealing to all races, creeds and cultures. Even the deaf can respond to music in feeling vibrations of the notes. It can soothe, arouse, or just relax one to a state of getting things done. It brings harmony to the senses and this is why some of the more energetic forms of musical compositions can be harmful to the senses.

“Those discordant notes and vibrations that are not harmonious together, now being put into ‘music’ can make one have ill feeling, headaches, and in general be confused emotionally. Some Rock’n’Roll is like that. It is too bad, because it will give Rock’n’Roll a bad name, bringing those people some worked so hard to convince, back into thinking of it as evil and harmful – which it can be when used wrongly.

“What I do, the kind of music I like to perform, is not disharmonic, it is soothing or stimulating as I wish it to be. I try to give them what they came for, in a musical sense. Most of the time I can, but on occasions when I find it impossible to reach them, to respond because of some disharmony, perhaps in the building or the location, or even the people present, it drains me instead of giving me the necessary drive… I can’t overcome certain negative forces… then I feel so bad that I haven’t been able to give them anything.

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