Pericles, Elvis and the Parthenon

In the video below, they are discussing the mystery of how the Parthenon could have possibly been constructed in that day and Age. In addition, the cutting and delivery of the giant granite blocks. The experts in this video come to their own conclusions…much like they attempt to do with the building of the pyramids of Giza. But these conclusions are largely erroneous.

The Greeks of Athens still harbored some of the “magical” knowledge of the most ancient Egyptians, and the Atlanteans before them. This allowed them to employ at least in part, similar means to create these amazing structures.

This video clip just starts to discuss the findings of an even more ancient temple beneath the Parthenon, when it ends. I Googled for more on this but could find nothing.

From the Ancient Origins website concerning the on-going reconstruction of the Parthenon:

Contemporary scientists have admitted—despite the Parthenon being the most imitated building in history—that even with modern technology and contemporary architectural techniques, it’s virtually impossible to rebuild the exact same building in all its detail.

But why is the Parthenon so special ? What makes it so different from all the others? What kind of details and secrets did the peoples of antiquity know that have been lost to time? Why can’t we construct an identical building to the original Parthenon even though technology, machinery, and architecture have progressed so much since then? There are too many riddles to the construction of the Parthenon, only a few of which can even remotely begin to be unraveled.

To begin with, the Parthenon might have needed decades to be restored in modern times, but the Athenian citizens mysteriously built it in a decade, between 447 and 438 BC.

he main entrance of the temple faces east while the interior length is 100 Attic feet, thus 30.80 meters (101 feet). And though these numbers might seem random to most, the fact is many historians believe significant proportions are expressed in these numbers.

An Attic foot is equivalent to 0.30803 meters, or 1/2F (φ), where F (φ) = 1.61803, also known as the Golden Ratio . The Golden Number F, the number 1.618, is often found in nature, in human facial features, in the measurements of the human body, in flowers and other plants, in art, in most living organisms on earth, in shells, and in beehives, among many other things, but most important, it’s often associated with the structure of the universe and planetary orbit in our solar system.


Of course it is well-known that the original construction of the Parthenon was the Love-Child project of the great Athenian Orator and Statesman, Pericles.

When I wrote my book Blue Star Love on the spiritual and mystical life of Elvis Presley (the working title of this book was “Magii From The Blue Star.”), I stated that one of Elvis’ past lives had been that of Pericles.


Much later (and included in my published book) Wanda June Hill gave me some of Elvis’ personal books, which he had given to her. I found an underlining by Elvis, of the name “Pericles” in one of these books. It was written by Jess Stearn, entitled The Search for a Soul. He autographed it inside:




The Video on the Parthenon


Pericles and Elvis





Other Past Lives of Elvis as Alexander the Great and Antiochus II



Elvis as Mausolus



In conclusion, from Elvis’ copy of The Search for a Soul:





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