Wanda June Hill

(Wanda writes for Blue Star Love)

In 1980 I became acquainted with Maia, the author and mentor of this book. I met Elvis in 1963, he often spoke to me about many things, some that he didn’t talk about often except in special settings with people he felt were friends and also receptive to his thoughts.

He was a very religious man, one who prayed daily, sometimes several times a day. Regarding this prayer practice he related that he did it, “When I need help.” He meant when he needed help to do the things he had to do in order to “please the crowds.” He also spoke of his childhood, relating stories which in his own words were about, “light men who came to talk to me.” He also spoke of how these “light men” had shown him images and scenes that he came to realize were, “scenes from my future.”

I didn’t understand much of what he spoke about, but he would read passages from his Bible and explain them in a way that made perfect sense to me. I had been raised Pentecostal as was he, but he was able to make what I had learned in church come to life and be real and useful for everyday living. After his death I and several other people who had a similar experience knowing Elvis, tried to bring the real guy to life in our 1978 book.  Maia read our book and contacted me.

Very quickly I realized she was like Elvis, gifted spiritually, someone who would understand his deep need to communicate. Maia has taken Elvis’ words and thoughts combining them with great understanding and realness. She has intertwined his beliefs with ancient knowledge and put a perspective to it all.

She has also done so in such a way that most everyone will be able to gain a view of life and the past. The perspectives she brings forth help us to look past our questions and find the answers we need for today. That is what Elvis tried to do when he got a chance to “just talk with people.” Elvis, I know is smiling and giving her that little nod of approval with those blue eyes shining like stars!

I highly recommend that everyone, Elvis fan or not, read this book. It might take a little while to read and comprehend, but it will be well worth the effort. One more thing, I would find a comfortable chair with good light because the information and images you will find within this book are fascinating!

Why Me?

Why did Elvis Aaron Presley, Superstar, who could have picked from any number of people in the world, choose to be my friend? I have asked that question of myself thousands of times during the years. Elvis was as close as our telephone, as near as Los Angeles, Palm Springs or Las Vegas, and after he died, I continued to ask – why me?

In 1980 Maia Chrystine Nartoomid (then Christine Hayes) wrote to me after reading the book compiled by myself, several members of my family and some friends, all of whom had a personal relationship with Elvis Presley. I answered her letter, she wrote again and we began corresponding off and on over a couple of years.

She sent me several booklets which she published that contained various information given to her through a type of channeling, most of which was out of my realm of understanding. However, as I continued to read these materials, I realized that many of the things she wrote about, Elvis mentioned to me, and some of what he said, closely followed what she was relating in her works. It was as if a light had suddenly been turned on in my memory, almost as if he were speaking to me again.

At first, knowing of his sincerity and of the ridicule and disdain he had received concerning his metaphysical interests from those closest to him during his last years of life, I was hesitant to reveal anything he had mentioned to me about it. I didn’t want to bring further disrespect to his memory. But as Maia’s and my own trust and friendship grew, I felt compelled to tell her what he had related to me, and once I began it poured out as if that were the intent all along.

Maia immediately began putting together a book based on her knowledge and Elvis’ impressions and wisdom gleaned from this spiritual quest and that of his own experiences, both during his life as Elvis and the many past lives which he felt he had lived… and which Maia’s channeling source could recount as well.

Amazingly, what he had told me and what her sources revealed matched in many ways, explaining why Elvis was Elvis and why so many people of all ages and circumstances, felt and still feel, such a repoiré with him.

Somehow, Elvis knew that in time I would pass on the things that meant so much to him, and so he ‘seeded’ my mind knowing that time would bring fertile ground in which to plant those seeds. Maia did just that, collecting and compiling information which she put into her book, ‘Magii From the Blue Star’ (the original title of this book – author)…

In doing this work, Maia… has given Elvis what he truly desired – a chance to share his thoughts, his knowledge and beliefs with everyone who would like to know the ‘real Elvis,’ the man behind the myth.

Now, I understand and I am at rest with my own question – why me? Thank you, Maia…

How I Met Elvis

I was in my twenties in 1963. Me and my husband and small daughter had just moved to Southern California and I was feeling very depressed and lost. Not only was I far from ‘home,’ but painful childhood traumas were surfacing for me. In 1963 I felt as if there was no reason to go on living, except for my responsibilities to my husband and daughter. Then I went to the Laundry Mat and my life forever changed for the better…

On that day in the laundromat I met another young woman with a small daughter. While our children played amidst the washers and dryers, we talked. The other woman, Diane, mentioned to me that she worked as an extra in motion pictures and was currently in the Elvis Presley film, ‘Kissin’ Cousins’ then in production. I was mildly interested since my husband, Jimmy was an Elvis fan. I myself was not.

As a child raised in a Fundamentalist environment I had be told that Elvis Presley and Rock ‘n’ Roll were manifestations of the devil and to be avoided at all costs. I wasn’t one to believe such things, but it had caused me to look elsewhere for my role models as a teen and young adult. Honestly, I really didn’t believe Diane when this new acquaintance declared that Elvis would be calling her at home that very night.

Seeing my skepticism, Diane invited me to witness the event and maybe even to get talk to him for a minute myself. I almost said ‘no,’ but then I remembered how thrilled my husband would be if I could tell him I had spoken with Elvis… and well, I was also a bit intrigued by the possibility that Diane was telling the truth.

I went that night to Diane’s house. Elvis DID call, and I was able to talk with him. However, the ‘minute’ went on for some time, as when Elvis found out that I had only seen one of his movies and walked out in the middle of it (‘Flaming Star’), he seemed delighted to talk with someone who wasn’t interested in ‘Elvis Presley’ and was responding to him in a normal, conversational manner.

Elvis asked me a lot of personal questions. When he asked me what I wanted to be doing with my life, I said that I would like to work behind the scenes in the motion picture business. It was then that Elvis invited me to come with Diane to visit him on the set of ‘Kissin’ Cousins.’

My visit with Elvis is covered in my book, ‘We Remember, Elvis.’ At that time, he gave me his personal phone number and told me to call him “in the morning.” Coming home with the phone number in hand I did not expect to ever see or hear from Elvis again. I couldn’t imagine that the number he gave me would actually ring him in his bedroom as he had stated. However, the next morning I called the number… and Elvis answered. The rest as they say, “is history.”

My Motivations

I wrote the following in the ELC Forums in response to questions about my motives with taping some of my conversations with Elvis:

“Elvis knew he was being taped… About the 3rd year of knowing him, I asked him about taping a few conversations so I could share them with Jimmie and Starla and our relatives – some of whom he talked to (Jim’s sister). He said okay, and that was the beginning. They were quite awful tapes – quality wise, but we enjoyed them. I didn’t tape many early ones – and I told him most of the time – a few were not but he didn’t talk any different on any of them. Then when I worked at the law office all incoming calls were taped and some outgoing ones – the phone system was set up that way…

“Elvis would call there – talk to me sometimes and also to the lawyer his friend, if he wasn’t busy. He kept him cackling in his office behind the closed door sometimes.

“They tried to top each other’s dirty jokes… So that I didn’t get in on. Elvis knew then he was taped when he first called – but his private conversations were not ever taped by the lawyer or me – I didn’t control that anyway at the office – his secretary had that responsibility.

“I asked for and got copies of the conversations I had with Elvis during those office calls and Elvis knew it, I told him and he was fine with that. And he also knew he never heard a word about them anywhere and I didn’t pass them around or sell them.

“So when the interview thing came up – actually started in late ‘75 but didn’t get into it really until early ‘76 when he agreed to help his friend out at college – then we taped a lot of conversations and that was where most of the things came from. I have maybe 23 or so parts of conversations over 15 years – that was NOT part of the interview stuff… and most of that has been posted on ELC (Maia’s Website ElvisLightedCandle.org)… there is nothing to be ‘motive’ about – any one who wanted to know can read them – I never sold anything, never used it for any purpose and turned down a hunka-hunka money several times for small portions of them.

“So that pretty much says what my ‘motives’ were I’d think – if I were going to be that type of person – sure would not have waited for nearly 30 years and then practically give them away in a book! As for the actual recorded tapes – I don’t have much of that at all – it all went to him, minus as much of me as I could delete without cutting him out anywhere. It’s like his writings – poems etc; I would not sell them but there they are, in the book for a small price – they get the whole thing – his handwritten poetic efforts. Wayne Newton paid a fortune for a few scribbled sentences thrown in the trash. And we give copies of ours away. Some motive huh? I can sleep peacefully – and that’s good enough for me.”

Wanda June Hill, Maia Nartoomid (the author) and  Wanda’s daughter, Starla Hill – in 1981